How We WorkWe do things a little differently


You know things could be better..

We meet most of our clients when they've reached the point of knowing their business's processes could be working better, but they aren't sure exactly which technologies can help them.

Often this means key parts of the business are being managed via Excel spreadsheets, or that the accounting software is being stretched to perform functions it is not well suited to.

Terms like CRM and line-of-business are cropping up and there is the feeling that a database may be needed, but exactly what all of that means is difficult to establish and the myriad of options can be overwhelming.

We come to you, listen and ask questions

The beginning of the process is just about understanding your business and deciding whether bespoke software is the right solution for you.

During our first few visits we'll ask you to show us how your organisation works and to tell us about which areas are causing you the most pain. We'll talk to your staff too to get an understanding of your business from every angle.

Assemble a list of the list of the requirements

Once we've understood your business and what you want to achieve from the software project, we'll produce an easy to understand overview of what the new system will do for your business.

We'll write you the perfect piece of software for you, in conjunction with you

Once we've all understand the overview, we start working straight away on the first part of the system.

We use a method called Agile development where we deliver new features every few weeks. At the start of each development period we sit down with the people who use a particular feature to learn exactly what they and the business need from it. We've written lots more about Agile in this blog post.

The journey doesn’t end when the software’s up and running

We’re there to support you every step of the way. We're proud to say that our clients don’t just think of us as partners, they think of us as part of their business.

As your business evolves, we’ll evolve the software with it

So it won’t just be a perfect fit now, it always will be. And we’ll use technologies that will never go out of date, so this should be the last system you'll ever need to buy.